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Great Western Trail, Utah -- Photo (c)David Rose

I think you'll agree there's nothing that quite compares to the simple, pure fun of backpacking. In fact, the simplicity of it is actually why it is so rewarding.

But the wilderness has a way of magnifying even the little overlooked details, the little mistakes in gear or planning. Your safety and enjoyment of your hiking trip depend on your preparedness. Choosing and bringing the right gear and clothing. Physical preparedness. Packing properly and efficiently. And so on.

This site will provide tips and information you need to pick the right gear and plan your trips ... so you can spend more time in the wilderness where you'd rather be!

A little about me ...
I've been hiking and backpacking for over a decade. I love long-distance backpacking -- I've hiked the length of Utah on the Great Western Trail (two months the first time, a month the second time). I've hiked 600 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in the Sierra Nevada Range on a two month trip. Another memorable and beautiful outing was a month-long backpacking trip in Washington's Cascades. I'm also the author of Utah Thirteeners, a guide to hiking Utah's 21 highest summits, and have climbed all 29 of Utah's county peaks.

My intent with this site is simply to provide some of the trail-tested bits of backpacking advice and tips that I've learned over the years, along with any other good, useful information I can find on the subject of backpacking.

David Rose
Park City, Utah

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Do you really need a backpacking water purifier or filter? Some kind of treatment system is a good idea for safe drinking water.
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Don't buy a backpacking sleeping bag without reading this first. Short article with critical things to consider.
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What nasty micro-organisms are in backcountry water? What are your risks? Some scary facts.
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Build your own backpacking stove and have something fun to do this Saturday.
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Why would you possibly want to buy a backpacking stove when you could make your very own campfire for free?
Hiking and Gear - Keeping It Simple
Backpacking, hiking and gear ... in a nutshell.
Hiking and Backpacking Tips
Here are some basic -- but important -- backpacking tips. Even experienced backpackers can use reminders!
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Hike further, more easily with ultralight backpacking techniques and enjoy being outside even more!
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Wondering what backpacking food to use for your menus? Look no further...
Backpacking Recipes -- Tasty, Easily Prepared, Packable
These trail-tested camping / backpacking recipes are meal-time wonders!
Backpacking Checklist
This backpacking checklist will ensure you won't forget anything important.
Looking for Hiking Backpacks?
The variety of hiking backpacks is dazzling, both in features and price. To avoid purchasing the wrong pack, read these important tips.
Backpacking Tents Guide - How To Choose The Best Tent
A concise, high-value guide to backpacking tents. How to pick the right backpacking tent for you.
A Primer on Backpacking Stoves
Check this article out for information on the kinds of backpacking stoves available and what you need to know to get the best one for you.
Backpacking Magazine Recommendations
Looking for a good backpacking magazine? Here are my top picks, with reviews and descriptions of each magazine.
Ultralight Backpacking Shelters
Ultralight backpacking shelters - what are your options? It makes a big difference ... read this article for tips.

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