Top 10: Backpacking Sleeping Bag Reviews

Do you need help choosing just the right backpacking sleeping bag? There are so many bags on the market today. Which one is the best? Actually, that's a trick question. Different bags are made for different purposes, so there isn't one particular bag that's better than all the others.%uFFFD To help you find the bag that will best meet your needs, we've highlighted 10 of the best backpacking sleeping bags out there. We've done the research, so read on to see which bag is right for you! (Note: All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit if not specified otherwise.)

1. Best Winter Bag: For a luxurious sleeping experience even at 0° F, the Sherpa Adventure Gear Pertemba is a worthy investment. Clouds of 700-fill down surround you and keep you warm, while the center zipper means that you can slip your hands out of the bag without unzipping it completely. The hood can be operated with one hand, and it even has a pillow pocket!%uFFFD Weight: 3 lbs, 7 oz

2. Best 3 Season Bag: The Exped Woodpecker stands out for its water-resistant shell, light weight, and versatility. The 750-fill down keeps you warm in temperatures as low as 20 degrees, but the bag stays light because less insulation is used on the bottom of the bag. During the warmer months, you can lay the hood flat to keep yourself from getting too warm. Weight: 2 lbs, 3 oz.

3. Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag: Lighten your load without sacrificing comfort with the Feathered Friends Hummingbird Nano. This tiny down bag only weighs 1 lb 10oz, but puffs of 850-fill down will keep you warm down to 20 degrees.

4. Best Sleeping Bag for Couples: The best sleeping bag option for couples is the Sweetie Pie Doubler. Not really a sleeping bag, this pie-shaped wedge zips into your favorite mummy bag to make room for two. You'll have enough room not to feel claustrophobic, but the wedge-shaped design means that there is less heat loss and less weight to carry than there would be if you simply zipped two bags together. The three-season version is comfortable down to 10° F, and the Doubler is sturdily constructed of rip-stop nylon and Polarguard insulation. The only drawback is that the Doubler only comes with a #8 YKK zipper, so if your existing bag is a #5, you're out of luck. Weight: Summer version, 19 oz; Winter version, 2 lbs.

5. Best Sleeping Bag for Kids: Yes, you can take your little ones backpacking with you! Tuck them into the North Face Tigger sleeping bag, and they'll be snug and cozy down to 20° F. This miniature mummy is sized just right for a child, and it designed with fewer ties and cords in the neck area for extra safety. The nylon taffeta shell does a good job of keeping water out, while Climashield fill keeps warmth in. Overlapping shingle construction holds the fill in place and extra insulation in the chest and hood keep kids toasty all night. Weight: 2 lbs, 1 oz.

6. Best Down Bag: The Marmot Lithium illustrates why down is still the best fill material for backpacking sleeping bags: it's a light as a feather and warm as an oven. The 850-fill down shrinks down like magic in its stuff sack, but when you pull it out it expands into a plush 0° bag. Other details, like down-filled draft tubes and a cozy face muff, make this down bag a winner. Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz

7. Best Synthetic Bag: Backpacker Magazine and Outside Online both agree that Mountain Hardwear's Ultralamina bags are the best synthetic bags around. The innovative construction method keeps cold air out by avoiding baffle seams. Instead, the geniuses out Mountain Hardwear found a way to glue Thermic Microfill insulation directly to the ripstop nylon shell and taffeta lining. A half-length zipper runs down each shoulder, so you can stick your arms out without leaving the bag. Weight and temperature rating depend on the model.

8. Best Women's Bag: The Versatile REI Kilo Flash is designed to fit a woman's curves, and it's insulated with 750-fill down in all the right places. The taffeta lining is soft enough for a princess but tough enough to handle long, hard trips in the wild. The hood has enough room for a pillow, and handy pad loops keep you from getting separated from your sleeping pad. This bag weighs only 20 ounces, but it will keep you warm down to 35° F.

9. Best Bag Under $200: The Cat's Meow, by North Face, costs only 150.00. It's rated down to 20° F, but at 2 lbs, 10 oz, it's still light. The synthetic Climashield insulation compresses down nicely, and extras like glow-in-dark zippers add extra value.

10. Best Summer Bag: In the summer, packing a bag with less insulation means that you can save on weight. With the Sierra Designs Nitro 30, you won't lose out on comfort, either. 800-fill down keeps you warm down to 30° F, while stretchy baffles around your upper body keep you from feeling mummified. In warmer weather, unzip the footbox to catch a nice breeze. Weight: 1 lb, 10 oz.

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